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Batman Detective Comics DC Comics Whatever Happened to the Caped Neil Gaiman Andy Kubert Alex Ross Catwoman Joker

2014-03-03 14:07:22 GMT
STFmaryville VIP


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From Amazon description:

Best-selling author Neil Gaiman (The Sandman) joins a murderer's row of talented artists in lending his unique touch to the Batman mythos! In the story "Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader?" from Batman #685 and Detective Comics #852 (2009), Gaiman joins artist Andy Kubert and inker Scott Williams for a story that shines a new light on the Batman mythos.


From Publishers Weekly review:

Following the death of Bruce Wayne in 2008's "Batman: R.I.P." comes Gaiman's loving eulogy not just to Batman but to the Batman of each era since the character's debut. Bolstered by slick art from Kubert (Batman; Captain America), Gaiman's lyrical chops are in fine form, weaving a surreal wake in which characters from Batman's history take turns relating what he meant to them, and their takes on the Dark Knight and the dangerous microcosm he fought for and eventually purportedly died to protect. Although this is obviously a love letter from one of the comics medium's premiere talents, the volume will appeal more to readers well-versed in Batman's continuity than Gaiman's normal legion of fans.


From STF:

I was surprised yesterday to find this story was apparently unavailable on TPB, except in the MTCDC torrents... enjoy, please seed & share. All credit goes to the original scanners.


Thanx STF! I have made requests of you before and you always steer me right! Can I impose upon you yet again? I just finished cherry picking your IMAGE Mega packs torrents(again Thanx) and I noticed that Cyber Force Vol 1 wasn't in there. I've been looking hi/lo for those books. Any ideas where I can find them?
Holy crap! I just found this...

Thank you so much! Hopefully the download will complete because I'm over the moon thinking about doing a read/re-read of this complete series for the first time. Thank you again STFmaryville.
LeonardTSpock, Let me know if it does/doesn't download, good sir. I haven't seeded that in some time but I'm still around; just zero time to upload and almost no time to comment!

Definitely want you to have 'em. I can re-seed it if I put some effort into tracking them all down again.
JiveJonz, glad you found nemesis43's torrent for that title. enjoy!
Thanks. Would you happen to have the 1994 street fight manga by Tokuma Shoten? I've been looking for that for years.
@STFmaryville when you seed do you use seedbox? I know I asked you some info about seeding for first time a while ago, but I'm still kinda gun-shy. Is it possible to seed over VPN, or is that just too slow usually?
KevG, no but I'll keep an eye out for it. nivea55, I don't use seedbox or a VPN. Unless it's a very large torrent of files, I don't feel like it's necessary. Simply because once 3-5 people reach 100% on their download, the swarm will usually seed it completely as long as needed for everyone to get what you're sharing. But honestly, do what you're comfortable with. Just don't share a torrent and drop out before people can get all of the files! :-)
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