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Selected JACK KIRBY Comics (1950-1986) (Marvel, DC, Eclipse)
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Jack Kirby Marvel Comics DC Comics Eclipse Harvey TwoMorrows Fantastic Four Hulk Avengers Thor X-Men New Gods Silver Surfer Destroyer Duck Super Powers Justice League Stan Lee
2014-02-08 18:48:48 GMT
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This week marked the 20th anniversary of the passing of Jack Kirby, co-creator of the Marvel Age of Comics and one of the most prolific, talented pencillers in the history of sequential art.

A lot has been said, written, and debated about The King, so I'll keep this simple. I wanted to put together a torrent that combined a few of his most influential works (like The New Gods, and The Fantastic Four with Stan Lee) and some obscure offerings (Boys' Ranch with Joe Simon, Green Arrow with various writers, and Super Powers featuring the Justice League of America).

I also included the first year's worth of Jack Kirby Collector magazine, a few high-definition scans of Kirby art, an article from Comics Scene in the 1980s, Stan Lee's fascinating testimony from a few years ago about who created what, and a portrait of The King near the end of his life.

Overall, I think this compilation turned out as a pretty cool tribute.

There are some great digital rips here (thanks VikTSlick and shipjolly!) of FF and X-Men, and I think this torrent will be pleasing to longtime fans, young readers who may not have much exposure to his work, and might even have something to offer to those who dislike his art. Sorry there isn't a preview image, Bayimg doesn't like me today.

Please seed and share. And if you like something, consider buying it. Check your LCS for trades or the new issue of JKC.


OMG Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!!!
i thought you'd like it, ol' buddy!
Awesome. How are those New Gods scans, any good? I've been meaning to re-read the series but the copies I have are terrible.
they're pretty good, the first 5 are the Batmonk scans of the '84 reprint series... it was printed on Baxter paper or whatever, so the scans -- 1024 pixel width and then #6 (which i think is a different scanner) is 1200 p.w. -- are probably the best we'll have until Comixology or a scanner gets to the Jack Kirby's Fourth Word Omnibus series!

A wikipedia search for "Baxter paper" (I'd never heard of it) didn't turn up anything informative, but I'm intrigued by the factoid that the fictitious Baxter Building ( ) was fictitiously "built in 1949 by the Leland Baxter Paper Company". Clue me in, is there a connection there?
no but doom shot that damn baxter building into outer space, then kristoff did it again and blew the sumbitch up!

baxter paper was a higher-quality, whiter paper stock used on a lot of direct-sales only titles in the early '80s. i think of it as a DC "thing" but Marvel used it too. check out for a good blog post about it.

i have no idea if i'm right about this last part, but it may have been named after George Baxter the printer. he is on wikipedia.

Thanks, interesting reading on both counts!

Googling the term and the name together still doesn't really produce anything, which makes me think your guess is off.

On the other hand, the "colour plates" mentioned in the article immediately made me think of those old encyclopedias and the like which have inline illustrations in only black-and-white but occasionally reference colour illustrations in a central section printed on special, glossy paper (often called "plates" themselves, I think, presumably by transferrence from the literal plates used in the printing process). Which makes for a nice and plausible connection between the two - those were more or less the lines along which you were thinking too, I take it? :)
dc had something called "new format" back then, too. it may or may not have been the official term they used for baxter paper printing. i do recall dc having a checklist in a lot of direct-sales books, and it would tell you the format of a given comic...

i'm with you, it's mildly strange that there's very little info about this stuff on google. new teen titans was relaunched on the better paper around '85, as was legion of super-heroes. BOTH of their older series carried on for 1 year, and (i can't make this up) became reprint books, reprinting the story from 1 year prior (in the "good" series) on the cheap-o newsprint... this is what "tales of the new teen titans" and "tales of the legion of super-heroes" were.
correction: "new format" started in 1987 and was on paper called "mando"
Hmm, that's pretty interesting. Also, that last tidbit is especially relevant to me as I've been reading a lot of Teen Titans stuff and now I understand a lot more why the Wolfman & Perez stuff has a such shitty, bled-through copies all the time.
i've been reading this today: soooo much knowledge on this site. (the author calls baxter paper "white" paper.)

august 1984 was when they rebooted new teen titans and legion and printed on better paper... a miniseries reprinting green lantern & green arrow by o'neil & adams was the 1st dc book to get the treatment...
Oh shit, that site is amazing. You have just killed all my freetime for a while, thanks jerkface. ;-)
It was a bit more complicated than that STFmaryville. The "baxter" titles started a year ahead of continuity, and the first 12 issues of the Tales series filled in the intervening year with original stories before reprinting the baxter stories. The Tales books were newsagent titles and the baxter ones comic shop only and it was partly done that way so the majority newagent buyers had a running continuity and the comic shop buyer a bit or preview / bonus.
i think that's what i said.

"new teen titans was relaunched on the better paper around '85, as was legion of super-heroes. BOTH of their older series carried on for 1 year, and (i can't make this up) became reprint books, reprinting the story from 1 year prior (in the "good" series) on the cheap-o newsprint"

but yes, to clarify for one year there were 2 titans and 2 legion series, then the newsstand series became reprint titles, reprinting comics that were sold via direct market 1 year previously.

the eventual result was that titans and legion weren't sold at newsstands anymore. which is crazy, because they were top selling books!

with 20/20 hindsight, the experiment was a flop. other than the 3 titles (outsiders later dropped batman & joined them), it was never been done again.

one could argue that this single move crippled the sales dominance that titans & legion had enjoyed around 1983!