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Moebius 2 (Epic) - Arzach & other fantasy stories [CBR]
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Moebius Epic Graphic novel Sci-fi Fantasy

2009-05-27 01:09:18 GMT
ill88eagle VIP


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Moebius (Epic series v2) - Arzach & other fantasy stories [CBR]

Quoting the editor (Jean-Marc Lofficier):


Those of you who don’t know Arach, the silent, pterodactyl-riding warrior possibly Mobius’ most farnous character; are in for a treat.
The character of Arzach was created by Moebius in 1974 in four wonderful, scriptless stories, which caused a small revolution in the French comics industry Indeed, one could very well compare the impact of Arzach in France at that time to that of Dark Knight in this country last year
The dream-like quality of the Arzach stories has assured them an unending fame and a special place in the history of comics. Yet, they remain as fresh and disturbing today as they were thirteen ars ago. Truly, like all classics, they are timeless and will doubtless live on forever
For readers already well acquainted with Arzach, we have decided to make this new compilation of the stories something special, something unique. In addition to telling the story behind his character, Moebius has also created a completely new tale, not yet even seen in France.
This story entitled The Legend of Arzach, prowides some insights into the universe of Arzach, and coincidentally, links up with another famous Moebius story in this book, The Detour. The concepts in it were developed by yours truly, jointly with Moebius, for the purpose of selling a feature, or television series, based upon this wonderful character. Hopefully, the fates permitting, the coming years will see even more of the ptero-warrior
For good measure, we have also added several more fantasy stories, including The Ballad, one of Moebius’ best, and the favorite of his wife, Claudine.
The dream gets better and better."




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Thanks, I look forward to reading the comic.
Hey ill88eagle, I'd like to thank you so very much for uploading these. You have no idea how badly I wanted to read them. You rock!
Thank you so much for sharing :D
Thank you